askmolagbal sent: So I see that you don't think much of Hermaeus Mora. What you of me?

gay baby

Anonymous sent: So, are you on good terms with Hermaeus Mora or Sanguine?

u mean tenticals and drinker

hell yeah some wild par-T’S if ya kno what i mean

wink wonk

tenthstreetshepard-deactivated2 sent: Gurl, if I wear heels in this armor I'll break my fucking neck. Good fashion advice tho.

u wnt break ur neck. 

only lil bitches break their necks.



Anonymous sent: как жизнь, ваше величество ?

what the fuck i dont speak azura

tenthstreetshepard-deactivated2 sent: My God, you're tall.

gurl thats becuz i wear high heels have u ever heard of a fashion wardrobe

I THInk Onot

sheath-the-sorrow sent: Lady Nocturnal, I've always wondered, have you ever stolen the Wabbajack and used it senselessly?

naw man i aint no fool

Anonymous sent: Oh great and beautiful Nocturnal. I have killed the thieves who dared to try and steal from you. I offer their gold and their heads as an offering to thee.

that’s nasty.

Anonymous sent: what's your breast size?

why is that any of yo god dang business son ok.

like f’real.

f’real milkshakes

that is my breast size

Anonymous sent: сасай?

what the fuck is that some sort of nacho beauno

tylerthatnerdguy sent: what do you do when you are bored?

party hardy